Why People Listen to Uneducated Morons in Politics.

In the wise words of Clementine Ford, "Jacqui, I think we have established you have no idea what you are talking about".As humans we don't tend to like having our ideals and opinions challenged. So much so, that most of us only align ourselves with people of similar or same political opinions as ourselves. See why this makes you look foolish.


Why we should respect, but criticise Donald Trump… Even as liberal tree huggers.

As lefty tree hugging noobs, we need to respect the system we believe in, even if it doesn't work in our favour. Democracy is the core of most of what we fight for. We need to stop pretending like the whole world is on our side in believing that Trump is the equivalent of Bart Simpson's evil twin.

Democracy vs Authoritarianism in combatting Terrorism.

After a recent conversation about the downfall of Aleppo and the Middle East, the topic of Authoritarianism and political/social stability arose. Do Authoritarian regimes bring about more stability than democracies? And if it weren't for the western intervention in the Middle East would there be more stability in the region? In order for me to assess the differences between the two political systems I decided to chose a Authoritarian regime that was relatively neutral to western tampering, thus I decided to make a comparison between China (the upcoming supposed powerhouse) and the current superpower the US, and how they both combat terrorism and which is more effective in mitigating (reducing) threats of terrorism.

Why Australia Should Be Paying Better Attention to Indonesia, and Why We Have Been a Bit of an Asshole.

You live in a competitive neighbourhood who are all fighting for the title of best garden and have a neighbour how is doing really well at securing itself as well as having a prosperous garden, you want to be able to be able to grow some of your fruits in their garden (this is an analogy for economy FYI) with the added benefit of having their security gate (defence security.. duh) therefore you become best pals and make deals in order for you both to prosper. Sounds fab right? This is Indonesia to Australia, there economic position of growth, position in the growing Asia Pacific boom, it’s progress to becoming the worlds 3rd largest functional democracy and geographic position are all favourable to us. So are we best pals yet? Not quite.

The U.S. election and how to feel as a non-American bystander.

From Trumps supposed multiple sexual harassments to Hillary's "drug usage" during the second debate, its unclear wether it's a presidential race or a poorly written day time drama. For us non-American's the constant wave of open slandering from both Trump and Clinton about each other seems a bit ridiculous. The question presumes of wether the race for presidency over the "free world" is a fight over ideals and policy, or a personality contest. Here's what you should know as a Non American.