Welcome, Hi, Hey, Hello.

Have you ever looked at the news and thought, “wtf?“…
Quickly switched the channel because you accidentally hit the politics channel?
Confused by all the mumbo jumbo that politicians say?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone! I have a degree in this and I feel all the feels. 

We are currently living in a really complex and confusing time. Who is ISIS and why are their videos so scary? Why is Donald Trump even allowed to become potentially president and how did America get that cray cray to let it get this far? Are you on the left or on the right of the spectrum? What is the spectrum and can I google it? The lines are so fuzzy. What should you be doing, who should you be supporting, it seems like they’re all the same, right?

This blog page is to help the average gal or guy (non political gurus out there), to understand the happenings of the world of politics and political news. I will also be posting about inspirational women in politics from time to time who have inspired me. I do this for a few reasons. It seems to me that a lot of the attention in the media of women in politics is centred around their shoes, hairstyles, children or lack their of (hello Julia Guillard, I feel your pain girl), and while I love all thing feminine, I believe a woman’s place in government is to be that of a politician, not a fashion or lifestyle icon.

While we have gained great ground in being successful in having a female PM, we still haven’t shifted the culture of respect. Respect for a woman’s achievements in her career or policies should be more integral than the colour of her hair. So, I would like to focus on women’s contributions and achievements in politics, because one day I hope I get the recognition of my work not poor clothes coordination skills.

SO, a bit about me. 

ugh. I am the typical undergrad student (last year woo) of Behavioural Science and Political Science, trying to find my place in the world yada yada. I have a passion for human rights and in particular refugee rights. I have been working in the disability sector and feel I have been able to make a hands on difference in my community over the last two years which has been both challenging and rewarding. I’ve learnt to communicate with people with little communication skills and learned to love unconditionally, accept difference and understand how it feels to be isolated from society. I volunteer with an organisation called AIME (Aboriginals in Mentoring Experience) where I get to tutor and mentor Australian Aboriginal high school students, this has been one of the most valuable experiences I have gained in adulthood as I have learnt so much about the culture native to the land in which I live. I have also been able to reflect upon my role as white person in a multi-ethnic nation, a nation that more often than not imposes its whiteness upon others but I’m sure I will touch on that at some point.

I spent a period of time living in Seoul, South Korea on exchange, and if living in a country that is next door to a communist dictator with plans to nuke the US and its allies (eep australia) doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping a little bit when your standing on the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea – nothing will! – or maybe thats a politics nerd thing.. So naturally, I do have a particular interest in that particular region, which may also be reflected in this blog.

Any who, I am about to embark on another trip overseas to Indonesia to do an emersion in Bandung so I am sure I will update at some point about the knowledge i hopefully gain!

I feel I have bored any potential readers enough by now,

Until next time!



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