Why we should respect, but criticise Donald Trump… Even as liberal tree huggers.

Trump? President of the Free World? What the F***.

The last few weeks have been a shock to most level headed people across the world.  Particularly to the lefty, tree hugging, desperately politically correct noobs, such as myself. We collectively had this false hope that America would resurrect itself in the elections and that Trump running for president would eventually be nothing more than a funny story of “Remember that one time Donald Trump almost became president?!”.

But he did! (shock horror)

So, we have a few options.
1) We can collectively as a global community, devise a plan for assassination, or…
2) We can recognise that there was some reasoning behind the fact that he made it so far.

As lefty tree hugging noobs, we need to respect the system we believe in, even if it doesn’t work in our favour. Democracy is the core of most of what we fight for. Ehugo_simpsonquality and choice. We need to stop pretending like the whole world is on our side in believing that Trump is the equivalent of Bart Simpson’s evil twin.

Because it’s not.

Wether we like it or not people voted for Trump. Something wasn’t working for them in the Obama administration, so they voted otherwise. Some people support Trumps ideologies because of their own personal opinions and as democracy lovers we must accept that and appreciate it. The gravity of his position as president is now coming to light and only time will tell wether his supporters will stick around till the end of his term.

A lot of people who oppose Trump have been trying to delegitimise his position by commenting on his appearance and his family. This my friends, is not okay. Trying to attack Donald Trumps credibility due to his attire, hair and fake tan choices don’t make us the better person, in fact we are supporting the same discriminatory actions we despise. As women we are continuously fighting for our right to be judged based on our actions not our appearance, and we should give the same courtesy to men in government… and men in general. A poor fake tan and red tie doesn’t make trump any worse of a politician. He has consistently been adequately presented for his role. And as a woman who doesn’t want to be judged for her clothes and fake tan, I refuse to judge a man on his clothes and fake tan (no matter how bad they are). Credible arguments have never been made stronger by attacking someone else’s appearance.


We don’t have to respect his decisive and dangerous statements, policies or actions.
We look back on history at leaders who produced chaos and destruction. We know what decisive language, racism, discrimination and poor leadership can lead too. And we need to fight for, protect and defend what we think is important and potentially a vulnerable group or area of society.

Respect for human beings should be universal, however respect for discrimination, racism and rashness shouldn’t be. So next time you want to discredit Trump, discredit him on the grounds of his statements and actions that you disagree with. Educate yourself before you try to tarnish his reputation.

The best argument is one that is relevant and argued in an eloquent, educated and respectful way. I’m assuming some might read this and think, “But Trump is the epitome of poor arguments and shallow comments about appearances”.YES. YES HE IS. And look how unwise, uneducated and immature it makes him look. Don’t be a Trump.

Until next time nerds..


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