Why People Listen to Uneducated Morons in Politics.

In the wise words of Clementine Ford, "Jacqui, I think we have established you have no idea what you are talking about".As humans we don't tend to like having our ideals and opinions challenged. So much so, that most of us only align ourselves with people of similar or same political opinions as ourselves. See why this makes you look foolish.


The U.S. election and how to feel as a non-American bystander.

From Trumps supposed multiple sexual harassments to Hillary's "drug usage" during the second debate, its unclear wether it's a presidential race or a poorly written day time drama. For us non-American's the constant wave of open slandering from both Trump and Clinton about each other seems a bit ridiculous. The question presumes of wether the race for presidency over the "free world" is a fight over ideals and policy, or a personality contest. Here's what you should know as a Non American.